We are a complete sales, service and installation company that supplies generators for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This consists of hotels, condos, retirement living centers, hospitals, processing plants, data centers and apartment buildings. We oversee every contract from start to finish, that is our commitment to our customer’s and that sets us apart from our competitors. LMR Power Systems is very passionate in keeping that commitment by developing long lasting relationships with our customers.

LMR Power Systems service group provides preventative maintenance programs for generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, and emergency services like temporary rental generators for all emergency standby and power generation systems. LMR Power also specializes in providing field engineering expertise and services for customers that have code, regulation issues and complete power and electrical related modification services as indicated below:

  • Standby Power Generation, supply and complete turnkey installations
  • Standby Generator Preventative Maintenance Programs and services
  • Electrical Systems Installations
  • Switchgear Modification and Upgrade
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Systems Maintenance
  • Coordination Study
  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Breaker Retrofitting and Reconditioning
  • Power Monitoring (System, Setup & Analysis
  • Power Systems Engineering

We pride ourselves on the hard work and commitment given to each and every customer and guarantee professionalism and dedication to make sure every generator and electrical system is maintained and serviced with the best performance at the time the system is called upon to operate.