LMR Power Systems Inc. has been built on 30 years of electrical and mechanical design fundamentals for complete power generation systems. Our suppliers and manufacturers have been a significant part of our success in providing to our customers site specific designed power generation systems. We offer complete generator sets ranging from 9-2000 kw diesel generators and 30-800 kw natural gas generators and transfer switches, controls systems, electrical power distribution, paralleling systems, cooling systems and generator room exhausting systems.

We have access to a broad range of products and solutions that can meet your needs. LMR Power Systems provides the best support and customer service, working around the clock to provide the best possible solutions for all projects. LMR Power Systems is striving to be the leading generator supplier for all of Ontario and soon enough for all of Canada. Our strengths of having the support of a manufacturer like Taylor Power Systems is that we can provide support to our customers with the most up to date technologies in the industry. One of the strengths of our generators is that we can supply a paralleling system that cannot attest to any of our competitors. The technological advances that have been proven to us in a factory-built setting is what separates us from our competitors across Canada.

We have built our reputation on the quality of service we provide and the outstanding quality of our products.